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Are you a fast typist?

Now most people will answer “No, I’m can’t type for apples” or “I’m average, but I’m not ‘fast’” with the occasional “Yes, I have typing speed of 90 bajillion sentences per second” or something, but most of aren’t. So I will tell you some programs on how increase your type speeds by a lot, or an excellent alternative to typing (and no, not just quitting)

Find a Typing Tutor

Well, I did mean actual ones, but there are typing classes you could take at schools and what not, you just have to look for them. But what I meant was typing programs.

An actual program I found was called ‘Key Blaze Typing Tutor’

This program is downloaded so you don’t have to be connected to use it. It first teaches the fundamental with simple, basic exercises ‘FF JJ FF JJ’ then it progresses it way up to more advance stuff like ‘XX;//’’ X’DJ’ or something. . It also has user system so more than one person can use it at once. Did I mention that it also tracks and measures your progress?

I like this program because of the diverse and extensive, though challenging exercises and how tells you the WPM. This is a great program for anybody learning on the go, or to type very well


Another place to learn to type is Sense-Lang                                      or

Sense-Lang is site that offers lots of online aiders like their brain training games, but I’m going to talk about the typing program.

The typing tutor is ‘similar’ to Keyblaze, but has a lot of differences. This is a more casual typing tutor, it doesn’t have a lot of advanced stuff that you find in KeyBlaze, so this is more of a less professional program. What I like about it is that it is more user friendly and has a better ease of use, so it’s less complicated. An feature I like is that it has real time WPM (Words Per Minute) so you can see how fast you are going, when you WPM slows down, which is different from KeyBlaze which just averages it out. You can add you own text, so you can make your own typing exercise (if you figured out which areas you are weak at) or you can use it as way study, or ‘really’ read something.

So your choice should be based on how thorough you want it to be, and how simple, and you can also look at the cool features both of them offer.


Now, lets say you don’t like typing, or for whatever reason you can’t type. There is a great alternative available to all people, it’s called Speech to Text, all you have to do is talk into a microphone and it types it for you. Though it’s not perfect, and you might need to use a keyboard a little, it’s still great.

Now how do you get this program, and more importantly, how much does it cost? Well,  there’s high a chance that you have a program on your computer, just search ‘Speech to Text’ on your computer, and it will appear. When you through the tutorials, and it gets used to your voice, you will love it.


Well, whether you choose to be a fast typist, or a clear talker, there is one thing that you should, write.Thanks you for reading.

Why Pens are better than Pencils

You’re first reaction to this statement is probably rage, distraught, or pure anger, but hear me out. Pens are way better than pencils, it’s just that you have never thought about in this way and you need to open your eyes a little.

So the thing that you are going to say first is “But you can’t erase Pens”, well lets just throw the fact that there are erasable pens out, and look at why you don’t need to erase. Okay, so you make a mistake, look back and erase then fix it. Good? No! Now you have the subconscious mind set that you can make mistakes. Now someone with a pen, they make a mistake, see that they can’t erase, so they ‘cross it out’ and fix it. How is it different, the cross. You see that you have made a mistake, and you are less likely to make again. And if you do make the mistake again, those two cross on the same mistake are big deterrence’s

Another reason pens are better is because they don’t have erasers. Now if you have had been using only pens for at least a week, you probably don’t need to use an eraser, so when you have to, it just sits there, waiting. What are you supposed a do with. Well, studies show that your brain has to do something with an eraser, so when you stop erasing you start chewing. There are over a thousand chemicals. Chemicals are bad. When you chew an eraser, you absorb some of those chemicals into you body, and you get sick. Some chemicals are used in rat poison.

For many generations we have been using pens. The Canarican Constitution, The Funny looking documents thing that they show on that commercial and many other things things that defines this country were all written in Pen. So why stop now? Well because there are evil people among us, try to take down what makes us great. They are advocating mistake making by selling pencils, there are chemicals, and they want us to eat erasers. We must stop them, but we can’t do it alone, we must for a movement and take down the evil doers. Now I stand before here today with one final message

“Pencils are for the Tenmils”

Two Online Alternatives to Paper Flash Cards

If you have tried learning a foreign language, or any language for that matter, you have probably come across or been told to make (and probably ignore) flashcards. Usually, I don’t like Flashcards. They are expensive (on my budget), they take a while to make, they are annoying to transport, hard to handle, and if someone has horrible handwriting (like me) then they will have a hard time with them. So an alternative? Use online flashcards on your computer or Apple Product (Iphone, I pod, etc).


come across or been told to make (and probably ignore) flashcards. Usually, I don’t like Flashcards Quizlet ( is a Flash Card Based site that allows one to study, create, play, find, share flashcards.

It has three made modes of Studying Flash Cards. The First one is a basic normal one. You click on it to flip, you go forwards, backwards, and you have the option to look at both sides at the same time.                                                                   Then there is learn where it shows one side have to type in the other side. And it tells you if you got it wrong telling you the correct answer and also tracking your progress.                                                                                                          And finally you have Test where it creates random question. Customable (you get to choose if you want it) Written, Matching, Multiple Choice, and/or True or False and tells you how much you got right or wrong. You also have some game such as scatter and space race, but I won’t go in to those.

Other features are adding photos, audio, group flash card groups, sharing with facebook, or twitter, embedding on sites, commenting and editing other’s flashcards (if they allow it), many categories flash cards to help search for them, and thousands of already made sets. All and all, this is a good site for Online Flash Cards


Flash Card Machine

Another great flash card site. Almost the same as Quizlet but it has some differences that are both good and bad. Let me just get over the bad. It loads a new pager every time you switch the card which is a bit annoying, and another one is that you have to click *new card* when making cards, which slows making sets really slow and annoying.

Some Differences (that may or may not be bad) are that has a different way of organizing categories. Instead of having main categories, then sub categories and subsection of sub categories and so on, it just has a list of alphabetical  categories ranging from accounting to writing ending it self with other. Then we have less games, less options for testing, less… less of the social-user factor that I like about Quizlet. But then we have the option of automating the flash cards. You basically set the rate (i.e. 1 sec, 10 secs, 19 secs) then it shows one side then the other and switches. So you can just watch the screen with out having to switch, and you can also set a pace (so you know when you are going to finish).



Well, those were two great flash cards sites that I found that I think that are good and are able to replace those pesky paper flash cards. Did I mention that you might be able to save a tree…. you know, if you got your friends to make the switch too. Okay, maybe not a tree, but half of it…. again, you will need a lot of people (flash cards aren’t really big). Thanks you, and have a nice day.

Why Rats Should Be Red

In the past years, the topic on fur colour of rodents has comes up many times before, but an universal agreement has not been chosen. So I come to you here today to discuss the topic of why Rats should be red. Well for one thing, they are easier to see. A recent study done by the IMUAO showed that Red Rats a 20% easier to see during the day than blue rats, and 30% easier to see during the night. Why is this important? Well, when Cats go hunting at night, blue rats blend in the surrounding, Red Rats would solve this dilemma, and it would be harder for rats to sneak up on us unaware while we are sleeping or eating. But this brings up the discussion of our long enduring history with blue rats. With statements like “My Gran Dad liked blue rats, and so do I” or “blue rats have been in our family for many generations” But there is no proof to show that that is true, and also studies prove otherwise. Four studies does in the past five years show that Red Rats are 46.2% better than Blue Rats on 7/10 Categories, and all research is backed by independent prestigious research organisations. But now you’ll say stuff like “Blue Rats are a big part of our culture, and we this is would be hard to transition to red rats” , but countries all over the world are making that change and the results are outstanding and the transition phase was just but week at most. What will tourists think when they come over here and they see that the basis our movies and music are still around blue rats while they are making major motion pictures grandstanding red rats. Now if this hasn’t convinced you, then just put yourself in the shoes of a blue rat that wakes ups in the morning each day to see him/her in the mirror with the thought of “I’m not red enough for this world.” And the feelings of loneliness and despair that comes with it. If you guys won’t do it for yourself, then please, do it for the poor, solitary, destitute rat pups coming in this world not with the fur colour of happy, joyful red, but with sad desolate blue colour.